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Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant

Posted in Greenlake on June 1, 2010 by happyseattle

Get your margarita on at Rosita’s at Greenlake!  If you get there at just the right time you can also get a homemade, hot off the tortilla-maker (I don’t know what they’re called) corn tortilla with hot melty butter and/or salsa. Seriously good stuff.

Neighborhood/s: Greenlake

Food: Well there’s the aforementioned homemade tortillas that will make you swoon. Rosita’s also offers a great selection of happy hour foods. For between $4 and $6 you can get Nachos, a Quesadilla, or the deliciously awesome Tacos Locos.

Drinks: Rosita’s happy hour margaritas are just over $5 a piece, but they are served in big ol pint glasses–so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Atmosphere: Fun. The bar is small, so if you have a big group, get there early.

Service: Good. They keep the chips and salsa flowing, which is much needed after you’ve had 2 or 7 of Rosita’s margaritas.

The Happiest Hours: 4-6 pm and 9-Closing 7 DAYS A WEEK


The drinks and snacks at Rosita’s are muy bueno.  I give it a rating of 5 olives.


Duke’s Chowder House

Posted in Alki, Greenlake, South Lake Union on May 26, 2010 by happyseattle

While Duke’s has recently made some unfortunate changes (smaller portions, higher prices), they will always have one of my favorite Seattle happy hours.

Neighborhood/s: Alki, Greenlake, Lake Union

Food: Duke’s Happy Hour has a HUGE selections of appetizers for under $7–including my personal favorite, the Tuna Wasabi Quesadilla—yummm. You can also get their award winning chowder for $5.40 a bowl!

Drinks: OMG. The “Duketails” as they are affectionately referred to, are amazing!  For  under $6 you can get a cucumber mojito (good), a strawberry lemon drop (great!), or for $6.60 their famous Bloody Mary (it will blow your mind). Plus well drinks and draft beers are $3.75.

Atmosphere: good, fun, laid back. The Alki location has arguably the best outdoor seating in Seattle.

Service: good

The Happiest Hours: 3pm – 6pm and  9pm – close SEVEN DAYS A WEEK


I give it the highest rating of 5 olives.  Duke truly is happy hour royalty!

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