Duke’s Chowder House

While Duke’s has recently made some unfortunate changes (smaller portions, higher prices), they will always have one of my favorite Seattle happy hours.

Neighborhood/s: Alki, Greenlake, Lake Union

Food: Duke’s Happy Hour has a HUGE selections of appetizers for under $7–including my personal favorite, the Tuna Wasabi Quesadilla—yummm. You can also get their award winning chowder for $5.40 a bowl!

Drinks: OMG. The “Duketails” as they are affectionately referred to, are amazing!  For  under $6 you can get a cucumber mojito (good), a strawberry lemon drop (great!), or for $6.60 their famous Bloody Mary (it will blow your mind). Plus well drinks and draft beers are $3.75.

Atmosphere: good, fun, laid back. The Alki location has arguably the best outdoor seating in Seattle.

Service: good

The Happiest Hours: 3pm – 6pm and  9pm – close SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Website: http://www.dukeschowderhouse.com/

I give it the highest rating of 5 olives.  Duke truly is happy hour royalty!


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