What happens when you Google “best happy hour in Seattle?”  You come up with a few sites: Yelp, Urban Spoon, happyhourinseattle, etc. They all list Seattle bars and/or restaurants that offer happy hour; and some may include a variety of user reviews. However, for this seasoned happy hour connoisseur there are several crucial elements that make a happy hour truly, well happy.  Most of the aforementioned sites don’t really provide a clear and concise guide to happy hour locations, times, and menus (INCLUDING  PRICES) all in one happy little package.

A great happy hour should be a perfectly mixed cocktail that includes the following: discounted food AND drinks that taste good,  a fun and relaxed atmosphere, good service, and a website that lets me peruse the happy hour options (again, WITH PRICES) before I show up to get my drink on. In this day and age a business can’t afford to have a website with missing information. If I get off work at 5pm and don’t make it to the bar until 5:45, according to most happy hour time tables, I’m only left with 15 minutes to make the most of the happy discounts and deals. That means I need to know what I want FAST.

Happy Seattle has developed a fun little “Olive” rating system to help you determine where to find the happiest of hours.

One olive will be awarded for each of the following categories that is adequately fulfilled:

  • Discounted food
  • Discounted drinks
  • QUALITY (snacks must be tasty and drinks must be deliciously potent)
  • Enjoyable atmosphere (i.e. not too crowded or douchey)
  • The service must be acceptable

In the end this will hopefully be a helpful resource to those looking for a fast guide to the BEST happy hour in each Seattle neighborhood.



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