Toulouse Petit

Toulouse Petit was selected by CNBC’s recent nationwide survey as one of the ten best Happy Hours in the nation in 2010. Well, with a reputation like that I just had to see what everyone was fussing about.

Neighborhood/s: Queen Anne

Food: There are about a gazillion mouth-watering options on this HH menu. I was nervous that being in a fancy Queen Anne bar meant that I would receive tiny portions on giant plates with sauces swirled all about them. However, when I ordered the Barbecued Shrimp New Orleans for $6, I was pleasantly surprised. The shrimp was delicious and it came with a side of creamy grits that were amazing. I also had the mushroom bruschetta (only one piece of bread, but decently sized–probably doesn’t need to cost $6) and the pommes frites with aoli (I think we got the fries from the bottom of the bucket because they were all sad and broken). I definitely didn’t need the fries, but I was 3 drinks in and was getting the semi-drunk munchies.

Drinks: My only bone to pick with Toulouse Petit is that $7.50 is not at all an appropriate happy hour drink price. I mean, come on–unless the booze is made from the tears of a unicorn or has microscopic diamonds floating in it, there’s no need to charge that much. My first drink, called Silver Lining, was all sugar and no alcohol. However, my second choice (recommended by a fab friend) was the Katie-Mae and it was deliciously potent. Just the way I like it.

Atmosphere: Good. One must get there at the early side of happy hour as the place fills up very quickly with very pretty people.

Service: Slow at times, but very friendly.

The Happiest Hours: 4-6pm and 10pm to 1am


Toulouse Petit gets 4 olives–if their drinks were slightly more reasonably priced (like $5 would be fine) I would give them the full five.


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