A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub

Cool name, good location (for this post we will be strictly referring to the West Seattle location, but it’s good to note that there is also a pub in Renton), some kitschy uniforms and one of the greatest gifts to the manly man: poutine.

Neighborhood/s: West Seattle (and also Renton).

Food: The happy hour menu at A Terrible Beauty is not extensive, but the portions and price are just right for soaking up the beer. The $5 humus platter, while not very Irish, is quite good. And for the same price you can get one of the most glorious inventions of the 20th Century (also not Irish)–POUTINE. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this awesome artery clogger, poutine is a dish made up of french fries (good!) topped with gravy (good!!) and cheese (good!!!). It’s amazing.

Drinks: HH beer is $1 off with a pretty hefty selection and wine is $2 off. Our server said that well drinks were also $1 off, but the hostess had a contrary opinion stating that well drinks are not discounted. Hmmm.

Atmosphere: I wouldn’t recommend A Terrible Beauty’s happy hour for a first date or something more intimate. The pub regularly features live musicians playing various versions of Irish music. It’s fun and lively, but also loud. If  you want to have a deep, meaningful conversation–maybe go someplace else.

Service: Here’s where A Terribly Beauty falls a little short. This wasn’t my first trip to the pub and while I love the food and drink, the service is spotty and questionable. On this occasion our server seemed extremely apathetic and unenthused. Also, you have to ask for water –and sometimes you have to ask for it multiple times. I get it, they’d rather you be drinking beer than boring old water–but sometimes a girl gots to get some hydration going–and having to ask 3 times is always a drag.

The Happiest Hours: 3-6pm M_F

Website: The website lists the happy hour food down way down in the bottom corner and it fails to mention anything about the drink discounts: http://www.aterriblebeauty.com/index.html.

If A Terrible Beauty stepped up their service a bit (maybe a smile here and there?) and put a tad more info on their website they would get a better olive rating. But nonetheless, they’ve made a fan out of this lassie (Sorry, I had to)–so they get three olives.


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