Elysian Fields

If you are on your way to a Mariners (snore), Sounders, or Seahawks (go hawks!) game you have a few choices on the brain.  You can:

A) get an $8 hotdog and a $7 beer at the game. Yes, the novelty is fun sometimes, but you don’t get a whole lof of bang for your buck.

B) find a happy hour spot where you can get more for less and arrive at the game with a little bit more cheer and enthusiasm.

This week I am reviewing Elysian Fields–located at the South end of Pioneer Square on your way to the stadiums (there are actually several locations of this franchise, but for now we will discuss the one I’ve been to most recently).

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square/SODO (other Elysian pubs can be found on Cap Hill and in Greenlake).

Food: Elysian Fields has a pretty decent happy hour food menu.  I have to recommend the Potato Croquettes (I lovingly refer to them as “fried balls”) for $2–they are fabulous.  The oasis plate ($8) is also super yummy and quite substantial.  No tiny snob portions here.

Drinks: Naturally one would probably order beer at a brewing company. Elyian fields offers $1 off pints of their special brand of ale.  I myself, am not a beer drinker. The big girl boozy drinks are not discounted for happy hour, which is a bummer. But the drinks are made well and will help you to enjoy any boring old baseball game.

Atmosphere: Good.

Service: Awesome.

The Happiest Hours: Monday – Friday  4-6pm  and  9-11pm

Website: http://www.elysianbrewing.com/elysianfields_hh.html

I’ll give Elysian Fields 4 olives—one more if they offer discounted well drinks for us lame kids who don’t drink beer.


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